памагите хочу поиграть в star wars jedi academy
памагите хочу поиграть в star wars jedi academy в мультиплеере, но при входе после нескольких минут игры, она вылетает. Что делать?

  • Попробуй переустановить плеер,может он глючит или установлена более ранняя версия!

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    It's the right Kinect-ion

    Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2010 took place last week in hot and sunny Los Angeles and we'll be taking a look at the big announcements over the next few weeks; starting with Microsoft today.

    The gaming and hardware giant spared no expense in their massive launch event, rolling out the spectacular Cirque du Soleil circus and creating big waves with their opening ceremony.

    Their big news was that Project Natal, now called Kinect, will be available from retail outlets from November 4 of this year. The camera-based, motion-control system has been stealing headlines across the world thanks to its revolutionary futuristic interface in which the human body controls the game, rather than a joystick or Wii-like wand.

    Although no price was announced at the show, several North American retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Gamestop have priced it at $149.

    With the vast majority of the titles falling comfortably within the party game and casual ranges, it's clear to see where the initial push for the new hardware will be, but Microsoft is adamant that the system will also cater for more serious gamers, and will blur the lines between casual and hardcore players.

    Of the games on show, our favourite was Sonic Free Riders, a fantastically polished racing game controlled via your body movements in front of Kinect's camera.

    Sure, you look incredibly silly while playing it (although compared to the ridiculous shapes you'll throw while playing the other games, you look cooler than the proverbial cucumber), but Sonic Free Riders plays fantastically well and Sega must be credited with being so quick off the mark to offer something that feels so polished.

    The slew of sports mini-game and fitness-based titles shows where developers see the product going, but it must be said that they're actually far more entertaining than you might imagine at first glance.

    Kinect Sports is as blatant a "yoink!" as you're ever likely to see, mirroring the packaged title from Nintendo's Wii back in 2006, and it showcases the casual side of the Kinect system equally as well as Wii Sports did. Based around a number of short mini-game-style sports events including boxing, track and field, bowling, football, volleyball and table tennis, the Rare-developed title really drives home the ease of use and high accessibility level we can expect from Kinect.

    Star of the show in terms of 'games to play if you want to look like the biggest moron on the face of the planet' definitely goes to Konami's Dance Masters, a new take on the established rhythm-based dance titles. Rather than relying on well-timed button presses, or the use of a dance mat, this rather nifty game tracks every single move you make and displays it on screen as your character busts a move in complete synchronisation with your shape throwing.

    In the right hands it's a powerfully impressive display of what Kinect is capable of, but in the wrong ones . . . well . . . think of your uncle, drunk, at a wedding, dancing to YMCA, and you'll have the idea.

    The Kinect naming announcement wasn't the only surprise up Microsoft's sleeve though; it also lifted the lid on the new console build it has been keeping from us for the past few months. The new, slim-line black Xbox 360 (with 250GB hard drive and Wi-Fi) will be available from next month.

    Other big news from around the Microsoft booth included confirmation that we'll see a new Forza title with full Kinect support in 2011 (take that, Gran Turismo), a Kinect-based Star Wars title, timed exclusivity for all Call of Duty: Black Ops downloadable content, a first look at the Metal Gear Solid franchise's Xbox 360 debut, confirmation of space-based combat within the single-player campaign mode of Halo: Reach, a playable Gears of War 3 four-player co-op demo and a concrete release date for the hotly anticipated Fable III . . . which is October 29 for those of us not in the States.

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    Игровая индустрия за неделю. 27 июля — 2 августа 2009
    Игровая индустрия за неделю. 27 июля — 2 августа 2009 Компания LucasArts сообщила, что осенью этого года в продажу поступит PC-версия экшена Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition. Помимо полной версии игры, поклонники получат три дополнения, включая последний аддон Tatooine. Напомним, что релиз консольных изданий состоялся около года

    LiveCOD v.28 Жизнь за неделю. 27 июля - 2 августа
    LiveCOD v.28 Жизнь за неделю. 27 июля - 2 августа Однако разработчики заверили, что сам по себе навык лечения будет совсем необязательным для соло-прохождения игры. Собственно, по их словам, геймер сможет целиком пройти всю сюжетную кампанию Star Wars: The Old Republic и даже начать заново другим персонажем, при этом ни разу не поучаствовав в

    Новости от Microsoft
    Вдобавок вы сможете не только покупать игры на дисках, но и скачивать их (первыми в каталог проектов войдут Mass Effect, BioShock, Assassin's Creed, LEGO Star Wars, Burnout Paradise). Однако для полноценного использования новых возможностей придется обзавестись золотой подпиской на Xbox Live!