Мини игры: Домино- как играть? какие правила игры?

  • P.S.Правила всех игр можно посмотреть так
    Кликнуть: Столы----найти стол---для тренировки--знак вопроса(правый верхний угол)---читаем правила.

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    Mock Draft 2.0: Nets choice first big domino, down to wire

    As draft week ensues, there's talk of a lot of movement on the phone lines, as buyers attempt to get into a deep draft and sellers are looking to turn an asset into proven help or to sweeten the pot for cost-cutting endeavors.

    Here's my second mock draft, completed with the aid of a lot of misinformation and some inside gossip -- which of course could be one and the same. Most of the lottery isn't all that far off from what I speculated on lottery night in the initial version , with all 10 of that projected 10 remaining among this draft's top prospects.

    1.  Washington - John Wall, G, Kentucky: Too good to pass up. He'll figure out the jumper and be a complete guard sooner than later. Although defense would be a concern if he's paired with Gilbert Arenas, it would certainly be beneficial to him to have an offensive catalyst to help take pressure off him.

    2.  Philadelphia - Evan Turner, G/F, Ohio State: The Sixers can't afford to foul up this pick and inherit a sure thing who they can stash next to Andre Iguodala on the wing. Stefanski feels he compares favorably to Brandon Roy, packing a special gear and feel for the game that separates him from most. Given the young talent already on the roster, Turner's maturity having spent a few years in college makes him more appealing than the two top bigs on the board.

    3.  New Jersey - Derrick Favors, F, Georgia Tech: Although Mikhail Prokhorov intends to win now, his basketball people have told him that Favors' upside is too difficult to ignore. He's got a tremendous physique that NBA types are salivating to mold, so don't be surprised to see him get the nod over Syracuse's Wesley Johnson, who has been projected as the No. 3 pick after an impressive workout of his own. The decision isn't done yet, and ultimately, Favors' upside will prove too difficult to ignore. Said that already.

    4.  Minnesota - Wesley Johnson, F, Syracuse: He's worked out about as well as anyone, greatly impressing the teams with the selections above. The Timberwolves could certainly use a lot of help on the wing and is considered more of a sure thing than Johnson and Greg Monroe.

    5.  Sacramento - DeMarcus Cousins, C/F, Kentucky: Talk of him being tough to coach is one of the first red flags you hear about, but considering players of his size and skill level are so hard to come by, it's hard to imagine many passing on the opportunity to work with him. He was a man among boys at the college level and would get to apprentice behind newly acquired Samuel Dalembert, instantly upgrading the toughness level of what's been one of the softest teams in the league. Detroit and Houston would jump at the opportunity to trade up here for a shot at Cousins, so it wouldn't be shocking if he'll be doing some hat-switching.

    6.  Golden State - Greg Monroe, F/C, Georgetown: Even with Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph as projects at the four, the 6-foot-11 Monroe would be impossible not to choose here. His size and passing skills would make life easier for Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, not to mention continue pushing Wright and Randolph, whose progress has been held up by injuries.

    7.  Detroit - Ekpe Udoh, F, Baylor: Owns a back-to-the-basket game that the Pistons sorely lack. Great kid, strong work ethic. Fears that he's reached his ceiling are out there due to his dramatic improvement in Waco, but the 23-year-old may be one of those kids who keeps improving, especially since he brings a genuine enthusiasm for defense to the table.

    8.  L.A. Clippers -  Al Farouq Aminu, F, Wake Forest: Can he be more than the next Hakim Warrick? Physically, he looks like a mini-Dwight Howard and can be downright cruel around the basket with his ability to leap and alter shots, but he's got a ways to go on the offensive end. Still, you can't argue with his upside and he fits the mold of what Indiana wants to do as far as pushing the tempo and creating physical mismatches is concerned. 14. Houston - Patrick Patterson, F, Kentucky: There were questions about his size and the fact there's almost too much tape on him to take the microscope to his warts, but he's proven on the workout circuit that he should contribute immediately, something the Rockets really like.

    15. Milwaukee - Larry Sanders, F, VCU: The Bucks are in search of defense and rebounding, which the massive hands and wingspan of the player who terrorized the CAA the last few seasons should accomplish. He'll wear his hard hat from Day 1.

    16. Minnesota - Solomon Alabi, C, Florida State: As tempting as it might be for the Timberwolves to go point guard here -- sorry, DKahn, I'm easily amused -- the rebuilding project continues with a 7-foot shot-blocker who the Timberwolves will be able to wait on. Given his ceiling, you could do worse in the middle of this first round. If Wes Johnson is gone at No. 3 and Kahn has already chosen a big, a logical choice here, if available, would be Butler's Gordon Hayward.

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    Литературные размышления

    Сегодняшний мой пост будет о литературе. Всё нижеизложенное прошу воспринимать как моё сугубо личное имхо и сильно по голове не бить.
    Вообще говоря, я большой фанат классической литературы. Могу много раз перечитывать понравившийся роман Булгакова или стихи Блока, но в упор не понимаю современные произведения. Быть может, потому что нынешняя литература рассчитана на слишком широкий круг читателей и издаётся в большинстве случаев с целью заработать.
    Никакой смысловой нагрузки такие книги не несут. Я же люблю читать с целью извлечь для себя что-то новое, научиться на чужом примере и просто лишний раз подумать над какой-нибудь проблемой. Какие проблемы, например, в книгах той же Донцовой? Никаких кроме "кого-то снова убили" и "надо выгулять собаку". Если уж читать детективы - то либо классику Конан-Дойля и Агату Кристи, либо исторические детективы Акунина.
    А ещё я люблю ходить по книжным магазинам и искать интересные издания. Не так давно зашла поискать научную литературу. В разделе "Медицина" на самом видном месте стояла книга Малахова, которая не учит ничему,...

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    Двор, в котором мы живем
    Двор, в котором мы живем В 1960-е гг. оборудование двора не отличалось разнообразием: пара скамеек, песочница, веревка для сушки белья, турник, стойка для выбивания ковров, столы для игры в домино — вот и все элементы благоустройства. Редко встречались игровые зоны для детей — грибок, песочница и качели.