вопрос по Девчачьим играм
В игре Стильные девчонки.История любви на втором уровне, не могу пройти мини-игру. Доходила до 5 уровня все равно третий уровень не дает. Что посоветуете?

  • дай нам ключ к этой игре, пройдем - скажем))) Серьёзно, дай ключ)))

  • мини игра стильные девчонки - Статьи

    The Weekend: Intrepid canoe racers, music and, maybe, Teddy bears
    Scene Editor

    In Canada, Europe and Australia, July 10 is the popular Teddy Bear Picnic Day. No. we’re not making it up. Children and their parents celebrate the day by having tea parties or picnics with their Teddy bears in the park.

    Quite frankly, we think the namesake of the Teddy bear, Theodore Roosevelt, would be more than a bit abashed to have his name associated with such a, well, let’s say it, wimpy day.

    While it’s said that the holiday emanated from the John Walters Bratton Song, “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic,” which was written in 1907, the day found recognition in 1988. That’s when the collectibles and toy company Royal Selanger seized on the concept and started issuing collectibles for the holiday.

    While the day never caught on in the U.S., thousands of families celebrate it elsewhere. Of course, even more thousands watch soccer, which you can also do this weekend. We suppose you could combine the days and watch the World Cup finals with your Teddy bear.

    The best part of this odd holiday, in our humble opinion, is the traditional making and eating of Teddy bear cookies.

    Now, while we may watch the World Cup game, we’ll be eating good ol’ Texas barbecue sans the bear. Just because we’ve still got a Teddy bear (it’s a black one named Sasha Boris) doesn’t mean we’re going to have a picnic with it. Probably. And we’re not gonna make no cookies for it. Not when there are perfectly good cookies you can just buy at the store.

    There are lots of less wussy things to do than have a picnic with your Teddy bear in San Marcos. Here are just a few suggestions.

    Friday, July 9

    A San Marcos favorite, Mark Jungers, starts out the weekend’s music at Triple Crown (206 North Edward Gary Street) at 6 p.m. Junger’s roots music blend of Country and Americana is always a great listen.

    Once, playing Bible Verse Bingo at summer Bible school, we almost started a riot with our misquotation of a verse from the psalms. “Thy word is a light to my feet and a lamp to my path.”  The woman running the game, Mrs. Garson, assured us that it was a “lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” We couldn’t figure out why your feet would want a lamp. Other students thought the verse meant maybe there were flashlights on people’s shoes in the Bible. Another student said it was a torch and someone else said that torches would burn your feet, wouldn’t they? Everybody was a little confused and Mrs. Garson was flustered until the pastor happened by. He reckoned that the important part was that the word of God was a light and told Mrs. Garson what a good job she was doing getting the students so involved. She beamed, we all got pink cupcakes and chocolate milk and everybody was happy. You probably won’t have a theological discussion at the bingo game at the Wimberley VFW (Veterans Park on Jacobs Well Road), but you will feel happy playing the game. The women of the Ladies Auxiliary, while they may not have pink cupcakes, do have delicious snacks for sale. The basket starts turning at 7 p.m.

    Beautiful girls with talent are often misjudged as pretty flash-in-the-pan pinups and they don’t get the serious musical consideration they deserve. Kelly Willis has certainly taken her knocks with this judgment since her career started in the early 1990s and kept on fighting. Older now and twice as pretty, she has been critically acknowledged for her bright lyrics and rich voice. We could listen to Kelly Willis sing names from the phone book and be happy, but you won’t have to do that if you see her at Gruene Hall (1281 Gruene Road, New Braunfels) tonight as she has an exciting playlist of her own songs. Tickets are $15. Be prepared to stand at the venue.  Brian Keane opens.

    Tonight Buda’s Toons and Tunes presents the movie “Where the Wild Things Are” at Buda City Park on Main Street in Buda. The movie starts at 9 p.m. Bring a blanket or some lawn chairs to sit upon and watch the movie adaptation of the musical based on a Maurice Sendak classic in the gorgeous Texas night.

    Javi Garcia and the Cold Cold Ground will electrify the audience at the Cheatham Street Warehouse (119 Cheatham Street) at 9 p.m. Garcia is a supercharged performer with a band so hot it could melt metal. The band’s new release, “Southern Horror,” is dark, disgruntled and demands your attention. Garcia plays Texas style-rock, which just means it’s bigger, better, multifaceted and more intense than the awful “lite” rock that seems to permeate the airwaves. Don’t miss out on seeing the band live. They’re great.

    Riley’s Tavern (8894 FM 1102) features the Joel Hoffman Band tonight at 9 p.m. Hoffman’s band plays country with a rockin’ edge. The band’s got chops and is always fun to hear.

    Евгений Белоусов - "Девчонка-девчоночка" (Yevgeniy Belousov)