Ребятки где можно скачать бесплатно полную версию игры "Семейный ресторанчик" и главное чтоб не тормозила?

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    Why a coup was on the menu for Gillard

    A shade after 7am that day, on a mild morning by Canberra standards, some of Labor's most ferocious factional deal makers jogged on to a parliamentary sporting field for a friendly game of soccer against Malaysia.

    Mark Arbib, the NSW right wing warrior, laced up his boots, as did Minister for Communications, Stephen Conroy, once dubbed a "factional dalek" by party elder and ex-senator Robert Ray.

    Alan Griffin, the Minister for Veterans Affairs and key Victorian Left number cruncher who had helped deliver the numbers for Kevin Rudd when he ousted Kim Beazley in late 2006, also took his place in the line-up, as did NSW MP, Belinda Neal.

    It was the second-last parliamentary sitting day before an expected election. The MPs lost the game.

    But up at Parliament House, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard fumed in her office.

    She was reading a news report that suggested Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was counting his numbers to ensure his leadership was safe.

    Julia Gillard had been nothing but loyal to the PM. The story suggested she may not have been.

    "That story pissed her off. To have that happen was not only stupid but unwarranted."

    Gillard rang friend and factional ally John Faulkner.

    She told him how upset she was. The Defence Minister went in to see Rudd.

    In minutes Rudd came in to see Gillard to explain he'd had nothing to do with the article. They didn't see eye to eye.

    Gillard then called Shorten to tell him she would see the PM that night.

    She had been sent a message the previous week the Victorian Right was behind her and there were enough votes in the powerful NSW Right to back her.

    Gillard, however, had resisted. She would remain loyal to the leader.

    Shorten, the Victorian right wing powerbroker and son-in-law of the Governor-General Quentin Bryce, was no friend of Rudd.

    He had made his name as the leader of the Australian Workers Union, during the Beaconsfield mine disaster.

    On coming to power, Rudd had already identified him as a potential leadership threat and kept him out of the ministry.

    Shorten's unlikely ally was Arbib who had been instrumental in putting Rudd into office. The NSW senator had been quietly talking up Gillard's prospects for months. And Rudd knew it. Arbib had also been involved in removing NSW premier Morris Iemma in September, 2008.

    This time he was trying to paint himself into the background, afraid of being seen to have blood on his hands again.

    Former ALP NSW secretary Arbib had seen the latest internal polling, which the national secretary Karl Bitar did over the weekend, showing the Government two points lower than the published Newspoll which already had Labor at an unwinnable primary vote of just 35 per cent.

    Things were not dire, they were cataclysmic.

    A cabal of factional heavyweights, frightened MPs and members of the senior Ministry, once loyal to Rudd, had all decided that it was time for him to go.

    At about 9.30am on the Wednesday Arbib, the Junior Employment Minister, joined up with another key factional player and close mate of Shorten's, David Feeney.

    Feeney was from the Victorian Right and, like Arbib, a parliamentary first-termer thanks to the 2007 Ruddslide that brought Labor to power.

    But he had also seen the dark side of his leader, and was on the end of an expletive-laden tirade from Rudd.

    The pair went to see Gillard in her office, just around the corner from the PM's suite.

    They had a bombshell to deliver. Rudd no longer had their support or their confidence and they wanted her in the Lodge.

    Gillard, who had pledged total loyalty to her leader, gave them no commitment but made it known that she was deeply annoyed by the newspaper story that the PM's chief of staff Alister Jordan had been sounding out caucus colleagues.

    A little later, Farrell, of the South Australian Right, was brought into the loop.

    The factional assassination squad had crossed state boundaries.

    Two weeks earlier, Shorten had told Gillard he was concerned with Rudd's increasingly erratic performances.

    Shortly after noon on Wednesday, Shorten, Feeney, Farrell and NSW's Steve Hutchins visited Wayne Swan who, as Treasurer, had worked closely with Rudd on the Government's massive stimulus package.

    All the while, the group for change was growing. Another senior NSW right wing minister Tony Burke had pledged his support.

    But the Deputy PM's public denials of any desire to challenge were true - she was sticking with Rudd.

    Shortly before 7pm, she went to see the PM. He'd been at a function to celebrate the 20th year of parliamentary service for Tasmanian Senator Nick Sherry.

    Senator Faulkner went with her too. "Just to make sure Kevin played nice," said a source. Their meeting lasted two hours. According to sources, Gillard, not one to shy away from a fight, confronted her leader about the article.

    Уральские Пельмени

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