Кто-нибудь знает сайты с добрыми,без крови и садизма,флеш-играми про животных?
Ну,что до меня,то очень советую:здесь игры про лошадок.На любителя!

  • miniclip.com - там много чего есть
  • в про крокодилов есть

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    Unknown websites you are sure to love

    Like the universe, the Web is huge and ever-expanding — and begins right at our fingertips. Surfing the Web is like looking at the universe through the narrow lense of the Hubble Space Telescope — everywhere you look, there is something new and exciting to explore.

    Here are a few of our latest discoveries on the World Wide Web:

    Virtual pets

    Ever heard of Neopets? Sim sites or Virtual Pet sites allow users to "own" and "take care" of pets, animals or plants on the Web. These sites are often set in real-time, which means an animal needs to be fed or a plant needs to be watered every day, not every time you log in.

    As a result, you don’t need to sit at the computer for hours, but just log in daily.

    Sim sites are great for kids. They involve mini-games where kids can earn "money," which they save in banks that often pay interest.

    A lot of what I learned about the economy and business when I was younger was from these sites. From sites like Neopets, I discovered the trick of selling an item at one neopoint less than my competitors in order to sell more, as my store would pop up first when the item was searched for. I also learned to bet at the last minute during auctions, in order to get the prize. Both of these are decent eBay tricks for adults.

    But Sim sites are not primarily intended to teach kids; they are for kids to play. And sites like Neopets.com or Aramii.com are not for kids only. Teenagers and adults may find themselves interested in what they have to offer (think Farmville).

    Vis Servo, a highly anticipated new website, is about to open. It teaches users about wildlife and the importance of going green, while providing a friendly environment and lots of games, all equipped with outstanding artwork by the staff. I have been writing for the site, which can be seen at www.vis-servo.com

    Charity sites

    You’ve probably seen ads that say, "Save a life, just click here," and, if you’re like me, ignored them. There are scam charity sites, so it’s good not to be fooled, but it doesn’t hurt to look into some real ones. Some popular sites include FreeRice.com and Ripple.org

    If you’re curious to how they work, or doubt their legitimacy — here are your answers. These websites will often receive no money as they function, but have a mysterious number of ads on their pages. The way it works is that people buy ad space on the website and pay by the number of views their ad receives.

    Every time you click to give food or play a short trivia game to donate rice, you view ads on the page, the companies who place the ads get views and the charity makes money.

    FreeRice.com gives 10 grains of rice every time you pick the right answer in their easy trivia game — the page refreshes as you choose your answer, new ads are shown, money is made and rice is given away.

    Most charity sites include games to keep you going. Like FreeRice’s trivia game, FreePoverty.com includes a really fun game where you have to identify a given location with flags on a map. Not only do you feel good when you know the general vicinity of Giza, Egypt, but you are happy you just donated nine cups of water to those who need it.

    There are also websites that donate every time you use their search engine. One of these sites is GoodSearch.com, used by schools across the country.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Online robots you can chat with? They exist and are surprisingly accurate. When you type a question or comment to CleverBot.com, the bot will answer with automated responses.

    The bots can follow an entire conversation, rarely changing the subject, even when slang terms are used.

    Some bots communicate in other languages as well.

    Although CleverBot and the AliceBot.org creations are normally accurate, it’s the random mistakes that make the websites truly enjoyable.

    If you’re bored, talking to a hilarious robot is a great way to go, and it’s safer than chatting with strangers.

    Multiplayer games

    If you’d rather take the risk of speaking to real human beings while playing a fun game, then multiplayer simulation video games will be right for you.

    These games are created in Java or Flash and many of them are free.

    Two great multiplayer simulation video games are The Endless Forest at tale-of-tales.com/TheEndlessForest and WolfQuest at WolfQuest.org. Both are relatively unknown, but quite good.


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    больше верить в надежность развивающихся стран"
    10.08 00:41 Disciple: 1 И я видел, что Агнец снял первую из семи печатей, и я услышал одно из четырех животных, говорящее как бы громовым голосом: иди и смотри. 2 Я взглянул, и вот, конь белый, и на нем всадник, имеющий лук, и дан был ему венец; и вышел он как победоносный, и чтобы победить.