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  • флеш игры онлайн гонки - Статьи

    Norwalk: Tim Wilkerson final report

    One week ago, in Bristol, Tim Wilkerson advanced to the final round against John Force and there, thanks to a malfunctioning safety switch that aborted his run at the 60-foot timer, his race ended. This weekend, at beautiful Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park, he managed to advance to the ultimate round again (and once again defeated Del Worsham in the semifinal to do it) where he and Force lined up for a rematch as storm clouds neared. This time, the Levi, Ray & Shoup Shelby was the first Ford across the finish line, as Wilk stunned Force with his best e.t. of the day, firing a mammoth 4.191 shot to vanquish Force's 4.272. This time, the result befitted the effort, and as the skies opened up moments after the win, it was as if Mother Nature was giving the popular LRS driver the world's biggest Gatorade bath at the end of a hard-fought game. It's easy to smile when you're drenched, if you just beat John Force in the final.

    Getting to that final was no easy task for either driver, as both worked their way through the ladder from the bottom half of the field. Force had needed a last-gasp 4.238 just to grab the 16th spot, which earned him a date with his daughter, the No. 1 qualifier, in round one. Wilk had slipped from 9th to 10th early in the final session, but was looking forward to moving back up the list when the aforementioned Mother Nature opened up with a gully washer and ended the proceedings. That meant Wilkerson would have to face his alliance partner Bob Tasca in round one.

    Sunday dawned hot and humid, but anyone with access to a weather forecast knew the afternoon storms were expected, and NHRA instituted a 65-minute turn-around time between rounds. With Wilk and Tasca running as the seventh pair in the opener, both teams knew the winner would be up against it to service their car and be ready for round two, but both also knew the advancing team would have some help from the losers.

    The first thing Wilkerson did was establish his credentials at the tree, grabbing nearly 2-hundredths with a fine .077 light, and the second thing he did was ride his own tune-up to the win, with his 4.208 registering as the second-quickest lap of the opening round. Only Robert Hight's 4.173 was quicker. As the points were added up after the lap, it was important to note that Wilk had picked up 20 key points on Tony Pedregon, who came into this race 61 points behind him in 10th place. With Worsham advancing, and with 11th-place Jeff Arend also picking up a win, Wilkerson stayed static in relation to those two competitors.

    Round two brought with it an appointment with Arend, who has been making a strong move for the Countdown as of late. A win for Wilkerson would not only be valuable in adding some additional space between the two, it would also move him closer to a higher spot in the Full Throttle Top 10, and if Worsham would finally find a way to lose it would move him into 8th place.

    4.271 seconds later, Wilk had bested Arend's fishtailing 4.567 and that part of the points deed was done, but Worsham also advanced right alongside to maintain his grip on the 8th spot.

    "You're talking about a trio of pretty hot cars right now, with us, Del, and Jeff," Wilkerson said. "Basically, the first round is the biggest one, like I always say. You can't do anything good if you lose that one, and all three of us won. I don't fixate on the points, but I have some people around me who keep it all up to date so we know what's going on, trust me."

    In the semifinal, it was Wilkerson and Worsham in a reprise of their face-off in Bristol, which Wilkerson won. Winning this one would not only vault him over Worsham in the standings, it would also leapfrog him right past Ron Capps and into 7th. This one was memorable.

    Wilk got away first, with a terrific .059 light, which earned him nearly 4-hundredths right at the tree. Both cars streaked down the track cleanly. Both cars were charging hard, although the LRS Shelby first put one cylinder out just past half-track and then dropped another one near the finish line. Worsham was flying, and closing the gap at a rapid rate, but at the stripe it was Wilk with the win, on a hole-shot. His fine 4.277 was just enough to hold off Worsham's quicker 4.251, and for the second straight race the LRS team was final-round bound. Force, the points leader and most likely the hottest driver in the class right now, would be there waiting for the sequel.

    With weather radar on laptops everywhere, and with the sky darkening more and more by the minute, this was more than a race between two competitors. It was also a race against the weather, and NHRA again adjusted smartly, shuffling the final round order by announcing that it was "first come, first served" for all classes. As the contestants arrived in the lanes, they'd be run in that order rather than wasting time by sticking to the traditional run order.


    Моя новая настольная игра

    Вчера я начал работу над своей новой настольной игрой. Это игра далеко не первая и, как правило, она будет очень смешная и с обучающим намёком! Каждая моя игра имеет в своей основе матрицу “Монополии”, – игры потрясшей меня давны-давно! Сыграв первый раз в жизни в “Монополию”, я просто помешался на ней и играл в нее постоянно и с каждым.

    Позже я захотел изменить многие аспекты игры… так родилась моя первая собственноручно сделанная игра. До этого у меня уже был опыт создания настольных игр, но те игры я делал еще в возрасте 7-10 лет, о они были в основном “гонки”, типа: кто быстрее финиширует, тот – победил!

    Предлагаю Вам на видео посмотреть новую будущую игру и старую, которую я сделал еще 2007 году.



    Название для игры еще не придумал, но думаю с этим проблем не возникнет.

    У меня вот идейка недавно пришла – заказть какому-нибудь фрилансеру выполнение моих игр во флэш формате! Это будет круто! Тогда каждый посетитель моего блога и вообще Интернет пользователь сможет играть в мои игры прямо онлайн! Или по локальной сети, скачав себе.


    Читать дальше...

    флеш игры онлайн гонки - Новости

    Отвлекись от работы: флэш-игра от Audi Q5
    Для продвижения внедорожника Audi Q5 на авторынке России агентство "Родная Речь" запустила флэш-игру. На одной из страниц сайта новостей из мира гонок Формула-1, где расположен ничем не примечательный баннер с изображением Audi Q5, вдруг выезжает маленькая машинка и пользователю предлагается

    «Родная Речь» сделала баннер-игру для Audi Q5
    «Родная Речь» сделала баннер-игру для Audi Q5 Агентство «Родная Речь» запустила флэш-игру в рамках продвижения внедорожника Audi Q5 на российском рынке. На одной из страниц сайта с новостями из мира гонок Formula 1, там, где расположен ничем не примечательный баннер с изображением автомобиля, вдруг выезжает маленькая машинка и посетителю

    СИДИ И СМОТРИ: НОВИНКИ ТЕЛЕСЕЗОНА Из российских на Первом покажут долгожданного «Адмирала» с Константином Хабенским, Анной Ковальчук и Лизой Боярской и «Анну Каренину» Сергея Соловьева. Из американских – «Обмани меня», очередной сезон «Остаться в живых» и «Флеш форвард». А вот телеканал «Россия» делает ставку на сериалы.

    high definition
    Компания Sony Computer Entertainment Europe сообщает, что бесплатная trial-версия игры WipEout HD появится в онлайн-магазине PlayStation Store 24 декабря. Популярность WipEout оставалась неизменно высокой с сентября, когда игра была выпущена в разрешении High Definition на сервисе PlayStation и другие »

    Телеканалы начинают новый сезон
    Еще одна западная осенняя новинка пока не имеет русского названия, но уже обзавелась российскими фанатами в Интернете. Главные звезды фантастического сериала Flash Forward (Мгновения будущего) — Доминик Монагэн из «Остаться в живых» и актер Джозеф Файнс. Для «Первого канала» столь оперативный и другие »