Помогите!привели племянницу в гости!
ей 6 лет,а у меня ничего кроме матанализа и инструкции к ноутбуку нет.она просит,чтобы я почитала ей что нибудь! дайте ссылку на сайт,где что нибудь детское есть,но не сказки,она из них выросла.проста какую нибудь детскую книжку.Или что посоветуете?

  • Просто набираете в поисковике - Виктор Голявкин, Виктор Драгунский, Николай Носов, Агния Барто, Самуил Маршак, Корней Чуковский, или просто - детские советские писатели (детская литература) - там большой выбор. Удачи.
  • Если есть игры на компе просто включи и пусть играется, или в поисковике найди фото животных пусть смотрит

  • флеш игра звездные войны - Статьи

    PSP Review – Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
    For those keeping check at home, this is the third title in the MGS universe that features Big Boss as the main character. First MGS3, then Portable Ops, and now Peace Walker help explain and expand on the MGS mythos to help flesh out why Big Boss is the way he is and it also gives you a different perspective on the rise and fall of his character. He has a damn good reason for turning his back on the United States for what they did, seeing as how they’re crooked any way you look at. Keeping storyline spoilers to a minimum, two ‘representatives’ of Costa Rica show up begging Snake to free their country from the impending invading forces..Of the CIA!?! BB and crew are reluctant at first, turning down the offer, until a tape containing the voice of a legendary mentor (guess who…) is heard and Boss takes the job. For those of you who hated all the insaneness of the MGS2 and 4’s storylines, you’re in luck. Peace Walker features one of the most ‘sane’ storylines in the ‘new era’ Metal Gear games. Sure, there’s a few weird twist and turns, just nothing on the magnitude of ‘Raiden, this is all a program to train another Solid Snake! Hahahaha’ that Hideo is so famous for delivering. While that style of story has become Hideo’s calling card, he controlled his self this time and gives you one heck of a great story that fits perfectly into the series noire.

    The storyline is told through a mixture of Ashley Wood’s comic book style cut-scenes and a few in-game cinematics thrown in here and there. For those of you who played Peace Walker’s brother, Portable Ops, you’ll be right at home with Ashley’s unique art style and for those of who you are not, heck; you might even become a fan! Peace Walker goes one-step further as it adds a healthy dose of interaction to these cut-scenes, so keep you trigger finger ready, as you’ll never know when the game might require you to tap the right shoulder button to tackle a guard or use a rocket launcher to blow some drones out of the sky. There’s even a stat for how many times you interacted with Ashley’s cut-scenes after each stage once the stage is complete.

    When you see the in-game cut-scenes for the first time, you’ll notice why many people call the PSP the ‘PS2 Jr.’, seeing as how a majority of the triple-A games rival their PS2 series counterparts in terms of graphics. I don’t know how Hideo and the team at Kojima Productions did it, but the graphics for Peace Walker are on-scale with those of MGS3. The details of the in-game cinematics make you forget that you’re playing on a handheld and have you thinking that you are playing on Sony’s 10 year old wonder. Hideo has always been known for pushing gaming consoles to their limits and he does it again Peace Walker on the PSP. From the lush jungles to amount of characters on screen at once, very few people would be able to tell Peace Walker was a PSP game if no one told them any better.

    For those of you who love Metal Gear Solid 3, then you’re going to feel right at home with Peace Walker, as many factors are pulled straight from it. Your camo. index is back, though it doesn’t feature the ludicrous amount of camouflage this time around. The gameplay features a good mixture of the stealth from the earlier games and the prime components of the over the shoulder aiming system from Metal Gear Solid 4. The gameplay is always enjoyable (as usual) but there is one major problem with the gameplay that’s hard to handle and that is the spike in difficulty. It’s as if the game demands that you use the multiplayer mode to take down major bosses. But what happens when none of your friends are available to play and you’ve used close to 15 rockets on a boss, have NO rations left, while you desperately wait for your comrades to drop the supplies you need? Frustration, that’s what. Yeah, I know…Hideo has been showing off the co-op player mode of the game since it was first revealed, so you figure it was going to be majorly tied into the overall gameplay, but not to this degree. Your still going to be able to defeat the bosses, it’s going to take some time, patience, and plenty of continues. So make sure you have that wrist-band strapped to your hand when playing PW, because at times the game makes you want to chuck your PSP across the room after investing all that time for nothing.

    One of the best and certainly my favorite new aspect of the game has to be managing ‘Mother base’ or as it later becomes in the series, Outer Heaven (!). Given to you as a ‘gift’ early in the game, your ocean fortress allows you to spend countless hours managing your divisions, creating new weapons, technology and even gives the characters you ‘recruit’ on the battlefield a purpose as you figure out what field of specialty they should be assigned too. ‘R & D’ provides you with new weapons, which, in a series first, actually level-up as you use them more and more. RPG-style weapon advancement in a Metal Gear game? YES!