кто не спит народ)) А вы играете ночью в PSP, если да, то в какие игрыЕ
Если есть у вас PSP, у меня дома кроме нее приставок больше нет ))

  • God of war тут: [ссылка появится после проверки модератором]
  • [ссылка появится после проверки модератором]

    головоломка китайская

  • флеш игра world - Статьи

    A Gooner's World Cup Diary - Part 14

    A Gooner's World Cup Diary - Part 14

    The second and final visit to Soccer City after England get through

    By Kevin Whitcher

    Our last full day in Jo'burg before hitting the road again. It's been good to just put roots of some kind down for a few days, although Adam today discovered that, had we been staying here without a hire car, our visit would have been even more costly. Attempting to catch a cab from Sandton City to Martin's in Bryanston, a succession of cabbies refused to take him on the meter and quoted him a price of 250 rand (£25). Finally, he found a female cab driver who was prepared to take him on the meter. The cost of the journey was 90 rand. For fans relying on cabs to get around, it must be an expensive trip. I guess if there are four passengers, it's more manageable. Still, there's no doubt that some here are using the opportunity the tournament provides to cash in at the expense of visitors.

    Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land...

    I had to drop off a ticket for Sunday's game between Argentina and Mexico at a hotel for a fellow Gooner flying out here at the weekend. The hotel was in the centre of town, although the junctions off the M1 road that runs through it were unfamiliar and I missed my turning. Still, it was educational driving around the city's grid system. The Indian locals we spoke to before Spain's game over a can of beer said that the Central Business District - notorious as a no go zone not long ago - was being reclaimed as the city attempts to attract visitors in large numbers and that businesses are moving back in. I remember watching a documentary by Louis Theroux about a year ago where he ventured round some of the more dangerous parts of the area at night, accompanied by a local who ran his own private security firm. There are undoubtedly still places to avoid, and the fear when trying to navigate the city in a newish hire car is that you'll drive into them. Carjacking is a problem here. However, I managed to find my way around thanks to a Hertz provided map which gave me just enough detail and the digital compass built into the rear view mirror.

    There is always some hard up local patrolling to offer you the services of keeping an eye on your car. I parked outside the hotel and told him to come back in five minutes. Once I'd dropped off the envelope, I took a photo of a Tower Block which has an image of Robinho all down one side. On the other side, Cristiano Ronaldo is visible from the M1, but it's not the kind of road where you can stop to grab a photo. It's an impressive sight though. The idea of getting my camera out in this area before I arrived here for the finals would have seemed like an absolute no no. You could say the same for getting out of your car. Undoubtedly sh*t happens, but the reputation for the place as being one of the most dangerous places in the world is somewhat exaggerated. I think that basically if you don't walk around giving out body language that you are in mortal fear and treat people with respect, then in most places, that's fine. If you live in fear, it seems to me you can attract it. This applies to many things in life, not just wondering around the capital of South Africa. Self-fulfilling prophecy I think they call it. I gave the car 'minder' 2 rand 50 cents and he was happy enough.

    Before our evening game, there was the small matter of England's final group match against Slovenia. We had originally considered watching the game in a Soweto Fan Park, leaving us a short journey to Soccer City to catch the Germany v Ghana match. However, with two and a half hours between the matches and having done the route to the stadium before, we realised we could make it comfortably in time if we just relaxed and watched the game at Martin's. We needed to pre-book the park and walk car park near to the stadium at a cost of 50 rand. Johannesburg is the only city that charges for football parking, but for a fiver, it's worth it parking near the stadium for the quick getaway.

    As we have tickets for the last 16 game in Bloemfontein, Adam was in the position of desperately hoping that England finished second in the group so we could see their next match in the flesh. With USA v Algeria at 0-0 as the final whistle went in Bloemfontein, it looked like we would be watching Slovenia on Sunday evening instead. We turned over and it was evident that the States had just scored, or at least they were showing a replay of a goal scored by Landon Donovan. It became apparent that the US had indeed just scored, deep into injury time, and that the score was 1-0. Seconds later, the final whistle blew and the States had topped the group. As it turned out, it meant an easier run for them in the knockout stages, but Adam didn't care. We would be seeing England before he returned home. As a member of Englandfans, he has tickets for the semi final and final if England do get that far, although a quarter final with Argentina awaits even if they win against the winners of group D...


    Чего вы не знали о нетбуках, но боялись спросить

    Являясь воплощением девиза «меньше, да лучше» нетбуки сегодня стали хитом продаж. Чем разные модели этих миниатюрных компьютеров отличаются друг от друга, каковы их ключевые преимущества и недостатки? Мы откроем вам все секреты.

    В чем разница между нетбуками и ноутбуками

    Нетбуки отличаются от ноутбуков не только малыми размерами и весом, но и спецификой аппаратной части.

    ■ Производительность. Почти все современные нетбуки оснащены процессором Atom от Intel. Он имеет низкое энергопотребление, что очень важно для компактных устройств, но по уровню своей производительности не может сравниться с Pentium Dual Core, который встречается во многих недорогих ноутбуках, и уж тем более с современными процессорами Intel Core 2.

    ■ Объем памяти. В отличие от ноутбуков нетбуки оснащаются жесткими дисками меньшей емкости (до 160 Гб). В некоторые модели нетбуков устанавливаются накопители SSD. Емкость таких дисков обычно невелика (во многом из-за их дороговизны), и они, как правило, работают медленнее обычных винчестеров. Но есть у них и преимущества: твердотельные накопители не...

    Читать дальше...