Можно ли где то достать исходник онлайн флеш игры, типа шахмат, шашек, реверси?

  • флеш достаточно тупая штука и явно не подходит для математических расчетов,. то что может существовать скрипт для отображения в flash - я верю, но исходник точно не на флеше.
  • Набери www.aport.ru и в строке поиска набери "скачать исходники" и жми апорт

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    Out-Takes Takes On...NFL's 'Enhanced' Season
    ~ Not to say we told ya so, but how many of us watched TOM BRADY take (slightly) less money last time, in the spirit of saving cap room to help keep his weapons around, only to have DEION BRANCH jet off to Seattle for a #1 pick and more coin?  Should we really be surprised that a world-class athlete with a pretty good head on his shoulders can remember stuff that happened five years ago?  And is it so hard to believe that #12 would be a bit more malleable now if things had gone differently back then?  This is a front office known for its long-term strategy; for playing chess, not checkers.  But they're clearly not infallible.

    ~ Speaking of wide receivers and the Seahawks...according to that NFL Network Guy who pales in comparison to ADAM SCHEFTER, the Chargers' frustration with restricted free agent wideout VINCENT JACKSON might be an appealing option for PETE "Got out of Dodge in the nick of time!" CARROLL, who just took the reins in Seattle after allegedly not cheating at USC.  If a trade gets worked out for Jackson, look for Branch to end up back with Brady in New England.  But don't look for Deion in his old #83 jersey.  Something tells us comeback kid WES WELKER owns it - now and forever.

    ~ File this under W for "We realize it was awhile ago, but we've been busy..."  Is there a bigger jackass out there than WEEI's JOHN DENNIS?  We grew up flipping from Channel 4 and BOB LOBEL to this guy at Channel 7 but, tuning into his day-after-draft "analysis" (analysis, in this case, being a stand-in for "willfully dishonest B.S."), we couldn't help wondering what on Earth happened.  Look, we get that nothing gooses ratings like mind-blowingly moronic controversy, but JD's take on the Patriots #1 overall pick DEVIN MCCOURTY was as horrifying as KEVIN SMITH in cut-offs.  Just because McCourty has a knack for special teams doesn't mean it's the only knack he has.  The kid was a tough, versatile CB at Rutgers, who most draft experts had going in the top 40.  Labeling him simply "a special teams guy" is not just unfair, it's insulting.  It would be like labeling a guy with an extensive sports background or a long career in broadcasting as a moronic "Neanderthal, Palin-Fetishizing Teabagger."  And we'd never do that.  Honest.

    ~ This goes without saying, but the Out-Takes Household is on pins and needles in anticipation of VH1's upcoming Celeb-reality double-dip,


    Онлайн игра Другие Миры

    Развлечения. Как много симпатичных мгновений и воспоминаний появляется у нас при одном этом слове. Развлекаются все: зрелые и дети, мужчины и женщины, серьезные предприниматели вчерашние школьники. Погремушки конструкторы, шахматы и домино, преферанс и бильярд – времена и виды могут существовать разными, но результат один, полученное великое удовольствие. Развлекаясь, ребенок познает мир, школьник учится жизни отношениям, [...] Related posts:Онлайн игра мафия