Хто знает хорошую программу (желательно на русскам языке) для создания ЛЮБЫХ игр???Плиииз скажите!!!

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    Nintendo 3DS

    With the help of a dear friend, I skipped a 5 hour line at E3 and got into the Nintendo 3DS playpen, where I either played with or gawked at the 3DS camera, Nintendogs + Cats, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Paper Mario 3DS, 3D Hopper, and 3D Paddleball. This article is best read from 14 inches away, slightly to the right.

    Just kidding! Before we get to any games, let me first answer the question that was certainly on my mind going into the 3DS booth: just how small is the ideal viewing window for the 3D screen? With one exception, it's not small at all. In fact, it is huge. There's still a sweet spot, and you can tell when you've hit it because it makes you smile a little. But when you're not quite in it, whatever you're playing still looks awesome.

    On the other hand, I played one game that never looked right. I'd bring the 3DS closer, then push it away; I'd play with the 3D slider, then squint, but this one game never came into consistent focus. I'll get to that in a bit, but first: the 3D slider. On the right side of the top screen of the 3DS is a slider that deepens or lessens the 3D effect on the top screen. If you push it all the way up, you've got serious 3D. Push it all the way down, and you're back to 2D.

    For the most part, setting the slider just below halfway seemed to yield the best results: I was still looking at an awesome 3D image, and I had a gigantic viewing angle in which to enjoy it. The first thing I saw was:

    Nintendogs + Cats

    No, I'm not a big Nintendogs fan. But when you see an open Nintendo 3DS you tend to lunge, regardless of what game it's playing. There were three dogs to choose from (no cats), so I picked a beagle. The little fella trotted out onto the top screen, which was still in 2D, and then I slid the 3D slider all the way up. My jaw dropped as the room quickly extended into a three-dimensional space. Then my eyes boggled a little, and I toned the 3D effect down. And there it was: Puppy 3D. I called my beagle over, he put his paws on the edge of the screen, and it really looked like he was trying to climb out of the 3DS. I scratched his face, and his ears, and his chest. Then I threw a tennis ball out into the room and watched in awe as it bounced away - a beagle puppy hot on its 3D trail.

    It was very cool - something I never thought I'd say about Nintendogs.

    The 3DS Camera

    On the back of the 3DS are two cameras that take binocular images. These, in turn, can be viewed in 3D on the top screen. Yes. Cool. You just point, click, and PRESTO! There is the picture you took...in 3D. The demo guy told me to take a picture of him so he could demonstrate one of its niftier effects. He assumed a boxing pose and held out a punch. When I snapped the picture, his fist was in the foreground while he was in the back, highlighting the 3D effect to an even greater degree.

    I suspect that, even if the 3DS didn't play games, it would sell millions and millions of units based on this 3D camera alone.

    Paper Mario 3DS

    Paper Mario is a series known for its clever interplay between 2D and 3D space. All the characters and objects in the series are like 2D construction paper cutouts set in 3D spaces. The effect has always been cool, even on regular screens.

    I watched a demo of Paper Mario 3DS, and the interplay between the 2D characters and the real 3D depth was spellbinding. It looked perfect, I was smiling, and then a Wiggler (big yellow caterpillar) crossed Mario's path - from background to foreground - and blew my mind. It was A E I O Cool.

    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Kid Icarus: Uprising was presented as THE first-party launch title for the 3DS at the Nintendo E3 press conference. And yet, its demo was a little disappointing.

    Like Paper Mario, Kid Icarus wasn't actually playable - it was a 3D trailer. I moved the slider up, down and all around, and this game never came into focus. If the foreground was clear, the background wasn't and vice-a-versa. At times, everything was blurry.

    Most of the gameplay I saw was of the airborne shooter variety, with Kid Icarus in the middle of the screen, and the enemies farther back. I don't know if the depth was too much for the 3DS, or if the number of rapidly approaching missiles was too much for my brain, but Uprising looked more like Uuprpsisinng.

    That said, this is a major Nintendo launch title, and those never fail - they're like the AK-47s of the video game world (fun for children and adults!). They are always solid and always well made and I'm sure that Kid Icarus: Uprising will be great when its 3D has been perfectly calibrated.

    Metal Gear Solid 3DS

    Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snaker Eater The Naked Sample was one of the most compelling demos on display for the 3DS. To break that lengthy title down for you: Metal Gear Solid 3 is the third entry in one of the greatest video game series of all time, Metal Gear Solid. The Naked Sample refers to the interactive demo on display at E3, though some news outlets claim that this will be the title of the actual retail release.

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    Nokia 2680s - Скромный профессионал Те же привычные «нокиевские» яркие 3D-папки. Отметим самое важное. Так объем телефонной книги составляет 1000 контактов. Имеется будильник с большим количеством настроек. Календарь позволяет просматривать события за месяц или за неделю. Игр не много (аркада Galaxy Balls, Snake EX2 и простенькая

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    Очень во многом она похожа на оболочку для Windows Mobile коммуникаторов того же производителя - Touch FLO 3D. Дизайнеры просто не мудрствуя лукаво перенесли многие свои наработки. ▪ Сделай его своим. В соответствии с этим принципом, каждый пользователь должен почувствовать, что телефон HTC был и другие »